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About Me -

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Laura B. Williams and I am a writer and entrepreneur. I write for businesses around the world full-time. Here’s why I started.
About 8 years ago I was working as a general manager of a large nightclub. I worked 80 hours a week and the hours were crazy. I had one day off a week and on that day I usually was so exhausted I slept. My boss even took me on a 3 day cruise because she knew I was fried. I left my cabin for meals and slept the entire trip! Of course, I didn’t pay attention to what my body was telling me and just kept going. Until the night I had a mild heart attack, at work, of course. The week I spent in the hospital changed my life. First I lay there feeling sorry for myself and then I got angry. This is when I told myself, things had to change. Here I was solely responsible for 5 other human beings and I had to rebuild my life from the ground up or end up in the ground. The first step I took is I enrolled in school to get a degree in Graphic Design with the intention that I would start my own freelance business. I already had a tome of marketing, sales and business experience. As I earned my degree I started picking up jobs here and there, keep in mind I’m still running a nightclub while doing this. I started making some money, then more and then I found out that most of my clients loved my writing and my design. Hmmmm. So I look into writing work. Eventually I got out of design and concentrated solely on my writing. Am I rich? No. Am I happy? More than ever. Did I make mistakes? For sure, a ton. I don’t think you ever truly succeed at anything without gaining some bruises along the way.
My point is…………..I get it. I’ve been there. I did not have a bunch of money to start my business, but what I do have is the willingness to get my hands dirty and figure stuff out.
I know you do, too.

Let me help you and you can help me build a community of the best and most fearless freelance writers to ever pick up a pen!

Please visit my website laurabwilliams.com you will find a toneof resources, videos, access to free and paid courses and tons more. While you are there make sure you pick up my free E-Book The Fearless Freelance Writer’s Business Plan, it includes a fantastic business plan template.
A while back I hosted a Google Hangout show, The Writing Biz. I would love for you to visit The Writing Biz website and check out the interviews with some amazing people, such as, Nina Amir, Penny Sansevieri, Jeff Seih, Charlotte Pierce, Angela Bole, Shawn Manaher and so many more.
Also if you would like to learn more about my own writing business, visit goodinklings.com.
I also love photography. I belong to a local photography club, along with another budding photographer, my grandson, Nick.
Here’s some of my work and if you would like to see more visit laurabwilliamscreatives.com.