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Your Recipe for Marketing Success Using Your Blog with Chef Dennis & Carolyn Capern -


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Marketing and Blogging

Do I really Need a Blog for My Writing Biz?


I know, I know you are tired of hearing how important a blog is to your marketing platform but IT IS. Your blog gives you the opportunity to get your message out to your audience, build your platform and more than any other reason that a writer should have a blog is that it improves your writing and helps you develop ideas. My guests Chef Dennis Littley and Carolyn Capern shared with us a ton of advice that you can use to build your blog and use it as a marketing tool.


I think that creating a dynamic blog is the NUMBER ONE best way to market yourself as a writer.

First, it helps your audience to get to know you.

Second, exposes others to your writing.

Third, as you add blog posts it builds your site’s content.

In this episode of The Writing Biz we gave a ton of information. Here are the key questions that we answered.


1) Why is a blog a must have for a writer?

2) How do you decide on the voice of your blog?

3) Why is guest blogging a good idea? Or not.

4)What is THE best advice that you can give a writer concerning their blog?

Great Evernote Tip for Android Users: Download the Evernote Widget App. Now you can use the Evernote Voice-To-Text option! It is not perfect but once you have created the note you edit and format and it cuts the time it takes to create a 500 wd.blog post by more than half!

Great Google Drive and Blogging Tip: You can write, format and add images to a blog post created within a Google Doc and then transfer it to WordPress with almost no changes! Go to add ons in the top bar of your Google Doc page and add the “Publish to WordPress” app. Total awesomeness.


Chef Dennis Littley held the 2nd Annual Bloggers Conference this year and it was unbelievable! If you are serious about blogging and want to learn from some of the best here is a link to all the events- For the Full Schedule CLICK HERE

Here are the topics that are covered:






About Carolyn Capern:

Carolyn Capern circle-bwCarolyn is a partner at CT Social in Orlando. She handle social media strategy and long-term management for  clients, as well as work on business development and general management within the company. She is a speaker, a blogger and an all around great person.

Blog: Discover Central Florida with Central Florida Top Five


Chef Dennis-circle-bwAbout Chef Dennis Littley:

Dennis Littley  or “Chef Dennis”  Executive Chef, Culinary Instructor, HOA Host and Producer of three shows on Google Plus that you can find on playlists of his YouTube Channel

Here are the Hangout on Air programs that Chef produces:

Good Day Google+  Talk and Variety Show featuring the best and brightest on Google+

Around the Kitchen Table  with co-host Kitchen Designer Susan Serra  featuring easy to make Restaurant Style Dishes and Kitchen Design tips

The Food & Booze Show with co-host Mia Voss  as we showcase restaurants around the Denver and Orlando areas, as well as specials from around the world.




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25 Google Drive Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before | Process Street If you use Google Drive this is a MUST READ. I could not believe how much I learned from this post.
Visit Thomas Hanna’s website for great photos.
Emailing Into Your Evernote Account



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Your Recipe for Marketing Success Using Your Blog with Chef Dennis & Carolyn Capern
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