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Frances Caballo on Social Media For Writers: Getting Organized -

The Writing Biz: Part 1 of my 4 Part Social Media Series with Guest Frances Caballo

Also Available as a Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

This week’s show is Pt. 1 of a four-part series on how to use social media in your writing business. As a writer, social media is not just a way to market your books, products and services it is a way to build authority in your field and relationships that will help your business grow. Through the relationships that you build you can gain invites to write blog posts, speaking engagements, interviews. You can also gain media support and build an audience that will Share, Tweet, +1 and like your posts to an even wider audience.

DO NOT think that you don’t have time for social media, because you do. It takes one hour a day IF you take time to set up a system and use the tools that are available to streamline the process.

laptop coffee bwMy guest this week wrote Social Media Just for Writers and Avoid Social Media Time Suck, which are both available on her website.  Frances Caballo, is a former journalist , who is now an author, social media strategist and trainer. We discussed how to set up your personal social media sharing system, how to curate content, tools that can help  and much much more.

Here Are the Top 7 Tips To Get You Started on Social Media (Or Make You Better)

1. Plan

Understand your goals and intentions and create a social media plan around that. Here is a Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy  from Hootsuite that can help you. Once you have a plan and understand what you are trying to achieve, you will have the focus you need to be effective.

2. Learn to Use Social Media Channels Properly

This is a big one, using the different social media channels without learning how to use them properly will stunt your online growth, lead to bad habits and create a scattered, unproductive online presence. Lean how to post to each, hoe to create a great profile, how to size images and the channels rules of etiquette.

3. Use Lists

Lists (or Circles) are a great way to organize your social media connections so that you can post relevant content for your followers and fine tune your online engagement.

4. Use Content Curation/RSS Feeds

Using content curation sites and RSS feeds helps you cut through the internet noise to get to the posts that you would like to read and share. You can tailor them to specific topics and keywords and turn a job that could take hours into minutes.

5. Read Everything

I am serious. DO NOT post content without reading it EVER. You can get your self into trouble. If you do not read content that you are posting as part of your business you possible send out into the world posts that have no value, give bad information or worse yet, lead to virus. The content that you put out reflects on your reputation.

6. Use Tools

There are many tools that can not only save you time, they can make managing your social media easier and more fluid and measure your results.

7. Be Polite

Understand online rules of etiquette. Make sure that you mention the creator of anything that you share that is not yours. If it comes to you through another person, mention them too. Use sources for everything, including images. Here is a great explanation of copyrights.

I could not believe all the resources, tools and influencers that we mentioned in just under 50 minutes. Here are the full lists with some additions.


This Week’s Resources



Hootsuite– Social Media Management Dashboard- Free & Paid

SocialOomph-Boost Your Social Media Productivity- Free & Paid

Buffer– A Better Way to Save Social Media – Free & Paid

Twyla and Brand Buider Paid and Free Trial

BuzzSumo-Free (for Now) Find Your Influencers

Content Curation Sites

All Top– All the Stories-Free

Swayy-Better Content to Share Social Media – Free & Paid

Scoop.it!– You Are the Content You Publish- (integrates with Hootsuite) Paid

Content Gems– Accelerate Your Content Marketing (integrates with Hootsuite) Free

Newsly– Your Online Personal Space

Daily by Buffer– an iOS app

How To Guides

Google+ University – A Complete Curriculum for Business a Free Course by Mike Allton 

How to Start a Twitter Account for Your Business by Anna Washenko 

The 8 Smartest Ways To Launch A Pinterest Business Account 

How to start your own Facebook Page: 10 Tips for Success by SocialBakers 

The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn by Stephanie Buck 

How to Get Your Business Started on Instagram: 5 Tips by Stuart Elleray 

How to Set Up HootSuite for Social Media Success by Mike Allton 

How to Use BuzzSumo To Find Influencers by Bruce Harpham 


Sprout Social-Paid and Free Trial

Google Analytics-Free

Great People to Follow

Frances Caballo Website  Google+  Twitter 

Joel Friedlander Website  Google+  Twitter

Nina Amir Website  Google+ Twitter

Jane Friedman Website  Google+  Twitter 

Mike Allton Website  Google+ Twitter 

Peg Fizpatrick Website  Google+  Twitter 

Rebekah Radice Website  Google+  Twitter 

Jay Baer Website  Google+  Twitter 

Guy Kawasaki Website Google+  Twitter 


Social Media Just for Writers and Avoid Social Media Time Suck by Frances Caballo 

Plug Your Book by Steve Weber 

The Book On Hootsuite by Mike Allton 

Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi 

What the Plus! By Guy Kawasaki 

Websites To Bookmark and Great Posts

Social Media Just For Writers

Social Media Examiner

The Book Designer

Jay Today– Jay Baer Daily 3 minute videos

Why Social Media Bios Are More Important than Ever 

Why Every Social Interaction is an Opportunity

Why Courage is the Most Important Word in Business


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Frances Caballo on Social Media For Writers: Getting Organized
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