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Sortd: Great New App That Organizes Your Gmail Inbox -

This is a game changer for me. I struggle with email. I get tons of it and I have to admit, sometimes I will lose some that are important. Personally, I find it embarrassing to tell a client that I never saw an email. Now I have a solution, Sortd.

Sortd is in beta testing and is invite only. You can contact them directly and they will give you an invite code.

In the above video I show you a few of the features that make Sortd so amazing. I love that I can drag and drop the emails into categories and group emails together. That’s not it, you can add notes and reminders! Take a few minutes and watch the video. This can be a game changer for you to. I know zoom through my inbox. Oh one more thing that is not in the video. It is incredibly easy to delete emails. Just click on the little trash icon on the right, and it’s gone.

Let me know how this changes the way you deal with your busy inbox.

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Sortd: Great New App That Organizes Your Gmail Inbox
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